An Open Letter to Western New York

Our Mission:

Buffalo Soccer Council’s mission is to facilitate the growth of soccer, in all aspects, in Western New York. We will bring everyone involved with the beautiful game in Buffalo together to watch, play, learn, and grow soccer into a thriving culture for future generations.

We Should Introduce Ourselves…

Who are we? We’re fans, players and lovers of soccer, like you. We’re dedicated to the future of the beautiful game in our community.

Our goal is to bring everyone together.

It doesn’t matter who your club is, what country you come from, what league you watch or how often. Soccer moms, players, coaches and everyone else in between. We’re here to bring our common dream to reality.

We don’t want to be known as an underground movement anymore because there’s nothing underground about 4,000 people showing up at All-High Stadium for a 4th division friendly or consistent top 10 national broadcast ratings for United States National Team matches.

We know Buffalo is a soccer city. It’s time that we prove it.

We believe we can, should and will have high level soccer at the professional level in our city… sooner rather than later.

We believe soccer should serve the community and not the other way around. We’re committed to making sure Buffalo’s experience with the professional game is focused on and dedicated to our city for the long haul in an equitable and mutually beneficial way.

We believe soccer is for everyone, and will work to make sure all people throughout our community: city, suburb, Northtown, Southtown, and everywhere in between, has access to it.

We believe that together, we are what we can’t be alone and that everyone who loves the game in Buffalo should have a voice.  If you consider soccer your game, then we are your organization.

Buffalo is ready to be a real player in the world’s game and we want you to help make it one.


The Buffalo Soccer Council

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